How do I return an item?


Uncle Sam's Chocolates and confections come freshly hand packed to reach you in excellent condition; however, their appearance may be affected in extremely warm or cool temperatures, or mild scratching or hairline cracks in the chocolate that will not affect eating quality. It is always best to keep them covered, cool and dry in the original box for the best experience. Please store chocolates at room temperature and away from strong odors. We do not recommend refrigerating them unless they are candy/caramel apple or chocolate dipped strawberries which are both fresh fruit. Of course, if you feel the candy is other than completely satisfactory, just call our customer service line at 518-372-2243 and they can assist you. If the shipper has delayed or lost your package you must file a claim with them. we are not responsible for shipper error or malfeasance or delay.

Online and Store Pricing may vary - we reserve the right to have online or in-store specials with no price matching.

We offer the following replacement policy:

  • We must be notified within 24 hours of delivery of package of any problems that have occurred. You can do this via phone or by emailing us.
  • DO NOT REFUSE A DELIVERY if there appears to be damage.
  • NOTE ANY DAMAGE TO DELIVERY PERSON IF THERE IS ANY VISIBLE DAMAGE- Often we can get the carrier to pay to replace the package if they damage but YOU MUST SAVE THE PRODUCT AND THE PACKING MATERIALS AND BOX.
  • If the above guidelines are not met, we will not be able to guarantee a resolution.
Once we are contacted, we promise to work with you until a full resolution can be agreed upon by both parties. We take pride in our gourmet confections and we stand 100% behind our products. That is why we have been in business for 80 years!

OTHER TIPS: Plan ahead for satisfaction! Please always try to choose a shipping address where someone will be home to receive their items. This can take place at home, work, or a neighbor’s house. UPS and USPS will leave residential packages at the door unless a signature is required. We can not be held responsible for unclaimed packages due to incorrect addresses or packages that were left outside in warm climate areas. Often when sending a gift- it is wise to let the recipient know it is coming so they may look out for it. Occasionally we hear about packages left on the stoop of the door that the recipient never uses, only to be destroyed by weather or pests in the outdoors. It is wise to let the recipient know there may be a package arriving if you don't hear from them after a few days. Once, we heard of a family of chocolate-loving raccoons who made off with a package the mailman left on the front porch too! Of course that is the exception but these things can happen and we would like to prevent them!

We are not responsible for melting that occurred in transit to warm climate weather destinations from May 1 - October. We strongly suggest purchasing our transport ice packs to help keep your items cool during shipping to warm climate areas to minimize any melting that may occur. We have about a 98% success rate on packages arriving well in warm weather with ice packs. However expecting your candy to be in perfect condition in 110 degree weather is against reasonable expectations.