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Note: These selections are designed to be shipped to various individuals/recipients. Shipping is built into the price, so do not order from this category if you intend to send multiple items to one address!
Corporate Gift Giving is a breeze with Uncle Sam's All American Chocolate Factory. We have boxed assortments for employees, clients, suppliers, important contacts and whole host of others you need to remind how important they are to you! We have a foul-proof system to handle your order going to multiple addresses and recipients!

Gift Packs start at less than $17.99

Order as many or as few as you need. We accept your addresses in Excel Spreadsheet, Word, Pages or other formats. Have your list ready when you place your order and as soon as you place your order- EMAIL us and attach your address list for the multiple addresses. Please put your order number and name in the subject line.


Include a phone number for us to reach you if we have questions. Call us at 518-372-2243 to discuss special orders and for any other inquiries. We're open year round and are here 7 days a week to handle your order. We handle thousands of corporate/business orders each year -
We understand how busy you are and we can help!
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One Pound of our Famous Buttercrunch (Price includes shipping!) Our Famous Peanut Brittle or Creamy Fudge (Price includes shipping!) One Pound of our Famous Nut Bark (Price includes shipping!)
One Pound of Roasted Mixed Nuts OR Jumbo Cashews (Price includes shipping!) One Pound of our European Style Truffles (Price includes shipping!) 2LB Gift Pack of our Famous Nut Bark and Creamy Fudge (Price includes shipping!)
2LB Gift Pack of our Almond Butter Crunch and Grand Assortment (Price includes shipping!) Deluxe Gift Pack: Grand Assortment and Old-Fashioned Peanut Brittle (Price includes shipping!) 3LB Gift Pack of our Grand Assortment and Mixed Nuts (Price includes shipping!)
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Above are the top selling gift packages we offer (yes- you counted correctly and there are ELEVEN!) When you have important employees or clients and even family members - Uncle Sam's chocolate is the perfect gift, with the most value. We ship thousands of packages out to recipients on behalf of companies, organizations and non-profits each year. Order early and don't forget- Thanksgiving and New Years are GREAT times to remind special people how much they mean to your operation. Corporate gift giving is not just for Christmas anymore. If you want to be noticed and remembered, nothing says "Thank you!" like a fresh box of Uncle Sam's Candy just before Thanksgiving, before the recipient is getting any other gifts!
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