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Almost-Free Samples For Corporate Orders! Business Gifts
Here you will find a wide range of company and corporate gifts for clients, employees, key people and business relations that will leave a distinct and positive impression. Do you really want to send one of a dozen fruit baskets that your recipient receives this Christmas? You want to stand out and the quality of our chocolate will allow that to happen. And better yet the value and time-savings that you will experience will bring you back year after year.

Having been in this business for eighty years- We have had many of our clients switch over to another product one season to "try" something different. Each and every time they came back the following year. Why? Because their clients complained "Where was the awesome buttercrunch candy from Uncle Sam's?" One of our largest ended up ordering two sets of gifts after so many of the clients were upset they didn't get their almond  buttercrunch. The olive oil they sent out did not cut the mustard! It's true. The quality, the ease, the value and the end results are all there when you choose us to handle your company Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's gift list!
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One Pound of our Famous Buttercrunch (Price includes shipping!) One Pound of our Famous Nut Bark (Price includes shipping!) One Pound of our European Style Truffles (Price includes shipping!)
2LB Gift Pack of our Almond Butter Crunch and Grand Assortment (Price includes shipping!) Deluxe Gift Pack: Grand Assortment and Old-Fashioned Peanut Brittle (Price includes shipping!) 3LB Gift Pack of our Grand Assortment and Mixed Nuts (Price includes shipping!)
3 LB. Gift Pack of Buttercrunch and our Grand Assortment of Chocolates (Price includes shipping!) Custom Mold Fee- Small mold 1-3 oz.